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How Do You Train A Dog To Deliver-Teach The Dog How To Sit Down

How do you train a dog to deliver

  1. Let the dog slowly open his mouth, then you give the "bite" command, and then put the newspaper or other objects in his mouth, gently hold his chin part, until he can understand the owner means to bite solid objects.
  2. Let the dog bite the item, and then the owner leads the dog with the rope, so that it is used to bite the item to walk, once successful, must remember to give it a reward. Repeat this several times until you are comfortable.
  3. Finally, you can try to untie the dog rope, train the dog to go to a distance by itself, and fetch the object for the owner.

In addition, there are the following points to note:

  1. The best age for dog training is 6 months or older.
  2. The most important thing is to lay a good foundation for obedience training, such as accompanying, sitting down and so on. The dog is accustomed to listen to your instructions, and can master other instructions very well.
  3. Step by step, as far as possible to break down the steps, step by step learning, every time the dog successfully achieved a movement, should be given encouragement, and many times repeated training until skilled.
  4. Never hit your dog or yell at him. Try to keep your voice soft.
  5. Pay attention to the dog rest, each movement of up to 15 minutes a day training, or it will be tired and tired.

How do you get a dog to sit

Can let the dog back wall standing in front of the wall, raise dogs like food in its upper part, and behind the move toward it, the dog looking at food, nature, until the bottom touch to the wall, then with the hand press its waist it will sit down. And in this moment, master repeatedly said, "sit down" command, remember the word to dogs. After the dog knows to sit down, again the food moves slowly from the dog's head toward the dog's front, and issues "lie down ding" command, the dog gazes at the food below, will naturally lie down.

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