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How Does a Dog Deal With Cold Weather In Winter-Warm Your Dog In Winter

With the arrival of winter, the temperature has gradually cooled down, as the passage of time has now entered the rhythm of the cold winter, many friends have raised a lovely pet dog in the home, we in this cold winter arrival also want to prepare supplies for their beloved dog to spend the cold winter together. Many novice friends will be faced with the situation at a loss what to do, according to our experience below for each pet family to bring a detailed dog winter protection measures. , also let your dog receive some special care this winter.

In winter, when dogs are dealing with cold weather, it is important to supplement them with proper nutrition first, because adequate nutrition and energy can make dogs have stronger cold resistance in winter.

Here are some DOS and don 'ts to give your pet active protection from the inside out:

  1. Prepare proper food for it:

Dogs that spend a lot of time outdoors need more food in cold weather. Provide them with quality dog food and feed them more each day to conserve more calories to ward off the cold. On the other hand, dogs that spend the winter indoors and rarely go out need less food in winter to avoid obesity due to reduced activity.

  1. Prepare proper amount of clean warm water for it:

If your dog is outdoors, prepare a birdbath with warm water. But do not use metal containers, as the dog's tongue may be stuck to cold metal. The air is dry in winter and dogs that spend the winter indoors also need more water.

  1. to sprinkle on the ground antifreeze clean:

Vehicle antifreeze is one of the most dangerous winter killers for pets. Dogs kept in garages should be more careful. Dogs love the sweet taste of antifreeze, but unfortunately, even small amounts can be fatal. If you suspect your dog has taken antifreeze, take him to the vet immediately. Also consider using an antifreeze that is not toxic to animals.

  1. Wash and groom it regularly

Dogs also need baths in winter, especially if they are active outside. Their hair tends to tangle and accumulate mud and snow. After bathing, let their hair dry completely before letting them out. When it is inconvenient to take a shower with water, you can consider using a pet dedicated dry cleaning shampoo. Pay attention to brush the powder clean. In addition, regular grooming will not only make the dog's hair smooth, better protect against cold, but also can untie the knot, remove dust and dead hair promote skin metabolism. On the other hand, lumps or wounds hidden under thick hair can be found in time.

  1. Dress your dog to keep him warm

For those dogs who are physically weak, into the old age of their own poor thermal insulation ability of dogs, just gave birth to a bitch, the first recovery of serious illness and old wounds of dogs, should pay special attention to thermal insulation, can give them a blanket or appropriate wear some clothes; Chihuahuas, mini dobbins, and the like are small, thin, and low in fat. These dogs are more afraid of cold and have weak resistance. It is better to put on clothes when they go out in low temperature, which can reduce their chance of getting sick.

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