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How To Get A Puppy To Stand Up-Teach Puppy Handshake Tips

How do you get a dog to stand up

The 'get up' movement is not only a education, but also an acrobatic one, which can add a lot of fun if the dog is aware of it. Hold your dog's favorite food over his head and slowly raise it up to tempt him to stand up and say, "stand up." You can also train your dog to turn around on this basis.

How to teach a dog to shake hands

Let the dog sit down and hold out your hand to the front foot. At first, his front foot will be a little sore, the owner can give it a little massage. Teach "hold left hand", "hold right hand" action and password even, make its remember right and left direction by heart.

How do you train a dog to strike a good pose

First of all, the dog will be carried to the small table, let its hind legs close to the boat edge part, loose hand, because the dog is afraid of falling, will be soft limbs want to lie down, at this time we want one hand to hold its chin, the other hand gently pull back the dog's tail, the hand holding the chin is also pushed back, so that the dog can not sit down. When a dog senses that his hind legs are about to lose support and that he is about to step into the air when he goes back, he instinctively leans forward and raises himself up in a standard posture of being upright and holding his head high. The dog learns to do this by repeating it many times.

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