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How to Interact With Dogs-Interact And Communicate Emotional Skills With Your Dog

Many people who have pet dogs are envious of those obedient and clever dogs in the TV series. Many people are curious about how these lovely and obedient dogs are trained and how dog owners communicate with dogs. In fact, like children, dogs need to develop a tacit understanding and then run in, so that dogs and dog owners can gradually establish a tacit understanding between the degree!

Just like the basic training, the advanced training of enhancing intimate relationship also follows the pattern of issuing command -> behavior -> reward. In particular, it is suitable for Taiwan to use the enhanced reward mode. The training time should not be too long, in order to maintain the dog's high interest in training. Because parent-child interaction is a game in itself, if the dog loses interest, it doesn't like the training. It does nothing to promote intimacy.

At the same time. Due to the high difficulty of this type of training, some are the integration of basic training movements, so the owner needs more patience and perseverance. Step by step guide, connect all the actions together. Do not rush, so as not to "eat quickly break the bowl", leading to the failure of previous efforts. Just like building a building, you need to lay a solid foundation for basic training first, and then one layer after another, build steadily upward, and finally have a solid and beautiful tall building.

And, of course, the right attitude is to reward the present. When your dog follows a command to make an action, give him a reward right away, make him feel good about doing it, stimulate his desire to do it again, and make the next move more perfect. As for the training location, depending on what kind of interactive training is carried out, it is mainly necessary to choose an environment that allows dogs to focus their attention.

Interactive training is appropriate for dogs

Generally speaking, basic training applies to all dog breeds, while interactive training can be developed based on breed and personality differences. First of all, choose to enhance the intimate relationship of interaction training, according to the dog's body shape, physical characteristics. For example, border collies are very agile. Can do some of the difficult movements such as running and jumping: labrador and golden retriever naturally like hunting, can play with them you throw me to pick up the game: German shepherds like to bite, the owner can wear an arm guard, and the dog big bite game.

In general, sports dogs require physically demanding activities, such as frisbee chasing, mountain climbing, and swimming. Working dogs are designed for regular exercise on the platform, such as running and cycling in circles. Dogs with "hound" traits may need to run and throw a frisbee to get their attention because they are impatient. As for "pet dogs", they are more suitable for static interaction. If you go climbing a mountain, the owner may spend half the time holding the dog. Therefore, dogs with different characteristics are able to find suitable platforms for their interactive games.

If you want your dog to live a happier life, interactive training is a must. There are a lot of owners out there who don't interact with their dogs because they're too busy working, making them look like they're in a deep palace. In the end, the dog's personality becomes increasingly bizarre. However, as mentioned above, intimate interaction belongs to two aspects. In addition to the dog's fitness, consider the owner's own preferences. Because interactive training is a form of inertia that takes a long time to complete, it is important to consider only the dog's activity and ignore the owner. Not for long. It is necessary for both sides to cooperate with each other completely in order to give full play to the maximum effect of intimate interaction training.



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