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How to Stop Dog's Destructive Chewing at Home?

Dog's Destructive Chewing pet toy


How to Stop Dog's Destructive Chewing at Home?Many people have such a desire to keep a dog. Every day when they come home, they have a cute furry dog running towards you, selling and rolling at you, shaking their tails excitedly, to welcome you home. Small head in the master's arms to and fro, special warmth. This picture, if you think about it, is particularly beautiful. How can it not be exciting?

The ideal is very full, the reality is very skeletal. Never before had a dog thought that such a beautiful little angel could turn into a demon in minutes! The owner of the house demolition is so tired that he will drive the owner mad.
Master: It's totally different from what you imagine!
Why do dogs tear down their homes?
Some people say it's because of dog's nature, like to destroy and so on. Actually, there are many reasons why dogs break down their homes. Officials who shovel excrement need to distinguish carefully before they can prescribe the right medicine and correct the bad habit of dogs breaking down their homes.
1. molar
Dogs are about half a year old and will enter the period of tooth change. At this time, they like molars very much. At this time, I like to bite hard things: shoes, furniture, data lines and so on. The "taste" of leather shoes is especially good. These must be well hidden, not found by dogs, once found, it is not far from scrapping. Another case is that if you have tartar, you will want to molar if your teeth are uncomfortable.
2. Separation anxiety disorder in dogs
When the dog and the owner are separated and nobody is at home, the pet will become very anxious, appetite depressed, and even bite furniture, see what is not comfortable biting what, become a "little devil" who loves to tear apart the family.
3. Attract the Master's Attention
Dogs are actually very smart. Adult dogs have almost the same IQ as children aged 6-7. So when the shit shoveler holds another pet, the dog will be jealous and angry. Dogs will shovel the dung officer's attention by biting and tearing apart the house.
Dog: You are my master. You only have me in your eyes. You are not ready for me to find another dog! Some pet toys are needed to access the URL
4. Having been stuck at home for too long, I want to go out and play.
Dogs are different from cats. Cats are easy to keep. They don't need to walk around. They can also solve the problem of going to the toilet by themselves. But dogs can't do it. Walk around twice a day regularly, take dogs to let out the wind, and go to the toilet by the way. If a dog stays at home for a long time, his sports needs can not be met, and his spare energy can not be vented, he will bite the furniture and tear down the house!
What about dogs breaking down their homes? Teach you a few tricks!
If it's a molar-induced demolition, you can buy some molar sticks for your pet.
If it's because of separation anxiety, be more companionate, and let the dog adapt to the owner's absence.
Walk the dog regularly every day to achieve the amount of exercise the dog needs every day, the dog will not have the energy to demolish the house.
We must spend more time with our pets. In the process of keeping pets, there is no trivial matter. The healthy growth of dogs needs our careful maintenance.

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