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How To Train A Dog To Defecate-Dog Defecation Training Skills

How to train a dog to defecate

Dogs are born clean, never defecate in the kennel, when it wants to defecate, nature will show the appearance of anxiety, bow the head in the ground sniff, and around to know the dog's approximate excretion cycle, in advance of preparation. There are three times when a dog needs to excrete, and you should pay special attention to them: the first time the dog wakes up in the morning, 30 minutes after eating, and 15 minutes after drinking water. During these three times, you should hold him to the place where you want him to excrete, and let him stay there for a while.

It is best to put the puppy in a separate small room, if there is no condition, then the room should be separated by a separate place with a fence, limit the puppy's range of activities. Spread newspapers all over the floor where the puppy is, so the puppy can only pee on the newspaper. Begin to leave the newspaper that leaves urinal mark first, excrement and urine clears in time change new newspaper. Then gradually reduce the newspaper on the ground, first remove the dog to eat and sleep near the newspaper, and then gradually expand the scope of the newspaper removed. After a period of time, the dog gradually got used to defecating in the newspaper.

And then you can start training outside, you can take the dog outside and you can put a newspaper where you want him to pee and let him excrete. If the puppy obeys, praise and reward him in time, so that the purpose of training the puppy to excrete in a fixed place can be achieved quickly. You can also paint a small piece of sand and gravel on a corner of the courtyard to make an ideal toilet. If the dog defecates elsewhere in the house, immediately scold, say. "No!" Then wash the floor with soapy water to keep the smell of urine out.

2-3 month old puppies sometimes urinate as a means of showing affection. If the puppy in the place of play play happy will urinate on the ground, this is called "happy urine", the master can not rashly scold, otherwise the dog will produce resistance. Dogs with this tendency tend to be emotional, sensitive, and very loyal to people. Generally after half a year will not spread "happy urine". Conditional word, might as well take dog to defecate outdoors everyday. Some puppy see owner go out, also want to go with, can not achieve the purpose, in a rage on the seat cushion, wardrobe or clothes and other places defecate, so called protest urine. Is to say knowingly, its psychology is like human being jealous. In this case, the host is also responsible. Caress dog more at ordinary times, make its requirement gets contented, won't appear this kind of circumstance.

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