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The Difference between a Cat and a Dog Is Too Graphic

Do you know the difference between a cat and a dog? Not only are they called dogs by one name, but cats by another.

Some people believe that dogs are more loyal and super safe than cats, so they like dogs more. And some people think, the appearance of cat a pair of tall and cold is super have individual character, aspire should shovel excrement lifetime for them.

Cats and dogs really have very different attitudes towards humans. Here are pictures that summarize the differences between cats and dogs in various aspects. They are just too vivid. Let's take a look at them.

1.Cats sometimes especially hate human touch as if it dirties their clean bodies.

Dogs want their owners to touch them all day long.

2.A dog loves to be touched in the stomach and enjoys the look on his face. And the belly of the cat seems to be restricted area, the cat: daring flunkey, incredibly dare to touch my small belly?

3.If your dog or cat can text, what are you talking about? If it is a dog, it will certainly talk to you a lot, even from morning to night cannot stop talking, but also can do seconds back. If it's a cat, it may only come to you if it asks you to bring back the fish. Want the cat to come back? Dream on!

4.Standard for a friendly dog: wagging its tail at a human for stroking. And the standard of a friendly cat: it doesn't run away when a human walks up to it.

Is the world too tolerant of cats? Aren't friendly cats supposed to rub against my feet? Why not? Storm cries!

5.I have to say, dogs are really philanthropic and honest, like is like, like to let you know. Cats, on the other hand, have rain or shine's and you never know whether they like you or not. Like a schizophrenic showman, Oscar owes you a statuette!

6.Dogs are really easy to feed. As long as they are given something by their owners, they all like it.

Cats, on the other hand, need to be well attended to, and they may not be satisfied with the delicacies served in front of them.

7.Dogs are very active and would love to be out surfing every day. Many owners say that when walking their dogs, dogs often play tricks and refuse to go home.

Cats, on the other hand, prefer to stay at home and do not want to leave their territory. Finding a place to sleep is much happier than going out.

8.When the owner is in an accident, the dog wants to find someone to save the owner, while the cat wants to find someone to save it.

Cat: it's time for me to get a new shoveller to feed me.

9.Dogs crave human praise so that they can get spiritual satisfaction.

Cats don't care what you think about them at all. Cat: do you care what a slave thinks?

10.Dogs know how to find the sense of existence, something is all like walking around in human. Owners, on the other hand, often have to look for a while to find the cat. Maybe sometimes the owners will forget that they have a cat, after all, they don't see it very often and don't know it very well.

11.In the eyes of dogs, the owner is the object of their protection.

In the eyes of cats, the owners are in the way of competing with them.

12.Dog: why don't you touch me? I've been waiting for you!

Cat: god bless, don't let human touch me!

13.It hurts too much. Do not know where the cat came from self-confidence, do not know how it can have this ability, actually also really guess right, in the eyes of the cat owners, they are god!!!

14.People who like dogs are not called "dog slaves" because they are equal and friends. People who like cats are called "cat owners" because cats are their masters and they have to be thankful that their masters have wronged them by living in human homes.

15.Dogs show their emotions, cats never show theirs. Dogs are like sunshine boy, which presents high sweet pet text with the owners every day, and cats are like a millennium iceberg, in which the owners and cats present abusive love with each other every day.

16.Overbearing President cat is always very cold to human, good friends are not human, like is not human, human is not as good as catnip, it is too sad.

17.By contrast, dogs always act like a sunshine boy, dog: it doesn't matter if you don't like me, I like you!

18.Domineering chief executive cats are unhappy with sunshine boy dogs' ingratiation with humans, but dogs don't care. The two cannot communicate on channels other than food.

19.Cats will have to be the dog unlimited enthusiasm to the overthrow of the day, love launched biubiubiu


So you met your baby? Or are you the one chosen by the bully President?

I don't know if everyone's cat or dog behaves the same way as the cat or dog in the picture?

These are the differences between dogs and cats, not the differences between dogs and cats. Some people like dogs, some people like cats, we should respect others' preferences, never say bad things about dogs in front of people who like dogs, say bad things about cats in front of people who like cats (even if there is a day big don't like, say it in your heart), or the owner may beat you.

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