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The Most Expensive Pets Are Worth A Fortune. What Do You Know?

With the rise of keeping pets, many friends will keep a lovely little pet at home. They are not only pets, but also friends and even a member of the family. It seems that they are an indispensable part of the family. As more and more friends keep pets around them, today's small make up will collect all kinds of cats and social values for you, so that you can have a more intuitive feeling of your master's social value!

Tenth  Scottish fold

Scottish fold cat is a very lovely cat, originally found in Scotland, so it was named.

Their folding ears are thought to be caused by genetic defects. The Scottish fold cat is one of the most lovable cats in the world.

Ninth  British shorthair

The British shorthair cat was originally born in the United Kingdom, the body shape is round fat, the limbs are thick short developed, the hair is short and dense, the circle cooing gives the human feeling is lovely.

Its body is very thick, gentle and calm, friendly to people, easy to feed. It's very popular all over the world!



Eighth  Canada's hairless cat

Canada hairless cat, also known as sphinx cat, is specially bred by cat lovers in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

All parts of the body are hairless, the skin is wrinkled and elastic. Gentle personality, strong independence, no aggression, can coexist with other dogs and cats.

Because of its special hairless and unique appearance, has been popular!

Seventh Russian blue cat

Russian blue cat was originally born in Russia, covered with silver blue shiny short hair, with a slender body shape and light gait, all show the noble demeanor of the cat.

It has very attractive appearance, feel like wool blanket like, blue silvery wool looks more be full of mysterious nobility feeling, get the chase after after that attracts cat gens greatly.

It is worth mentioning that the blue cat is the prototype of TOM in TOM and mouse!

Sixth orange cat

Orange cat is a kind of Chinese rural cat, cat color is usually divided into orange, orange and white two. Orange cat kittens are very naughty love to play, like to coquetry and very close relatives.

The orange cat character after adult is a bit composed, but the ability that coquetry to the person did not become weak, more close relatives however.

"Nine out of ten orange cats are fat, and one of them is very fat." his chubby and lazy style is popular with cat owners.

Fifth Siamese cat

Siamese cat is the world famous shorthair cat, its body light and graceful, slender body stretch, give a person a kind of gorgeous and noble feeling.

In ancient Siam (now Thailand), this kind of precious cat is only kept in the palace and the big temple, is not out of the house noble, as a symbol of wealth, status, longevity.

Fourth muppet cat

Ragdoll cats, also known as Ragdoll, are native to the United States and are among the largest and heaviest living cats.

Its coat is rich, the whole body is particularly loose and soft, the limbs are long and fleshy.

Muppets are gentle and quiet, friendly to people, beautiful and elegant in appearance, also known as "fairy cat", is a rare pet cat, widely pursued by cat owners.

Third  Chinese Li Hua

Civet flower cat is a kind of Chinese rural cats, is in thousands of years after the natural elimination of many varieties and retain the species.

People are most familiar with "leopard cat changes prince prince" in leading role is it!

The civet cat is brave and powerful, strong and handsome, and is a small beast born to catch all kinds of small animals.

Bilby flower cat love to play, with beautiful thick fur, is one of the popular cat family!

Second  Persian cat

Persian cat is the most common long-haired cat, Persian cat has a lovely face, long and gorgeous.

Natural a pair of pampered state, give a person a kind of luxuriant and noble feeling, reason has "the prince in the cat" "princess" say, it is one of pure breed cats that the cat lover on the world likes most.

The first Bengal cat

Bengal cat is also known as the leopard cat, its beautiful leopard print outfit plus the green eyes, give a person a kind of gorgeous and wild feeling, is the best in the cat!


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