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What Small Dog Is The Cutest-Dogs Have Different Characteristics

What small dogs are the most lovely, lovely dogs will certainly be liked by more people, especially some furry small dogs, petite and lovely. However, different breeds of dogs have different personality traits. Some dogs may not look very cute on the outside, but you will find that they are cute after getting along with each other for a long time. What small dogs are the cutest? Below I make up to introduce you to a few lovely small dogs.

Teddy/poodle, they look just like teddy bears, plush and have curly hair, just like a doll. As an ancient fish-hunting dog, it has been domesticated by human beings. Smart, lively, clingy personality, plus a lovely appearance by the young people's favorite.

Pomeranian, I believe everyone knows Shunsuke, it is the most popular small dog in Japan, and once on the Internet became the most popular pet dog, attracted many users to feed Pomeranian.

Japanese silver fox dog, Japanese silver fox dog and children are very friendly, and adults always get along with a vigilant heart, this is because of what, do not know at present, but it is gentle, lovely characteristics are also very popular by people.

Chihuahuas may be small and cute, but they have a lot of courage and don't have stage fright in the face of much bigger dogs. Of course, their hunting consciousness also makes them very possessive of their owners. The cutest of these small dogs, there is a difference in breed between long and short hair, long hair chihuahua back hair is very rich. However, whether a long-haired chihuahua or a short-haired chihuahua, their hair is equally shiny and there is not much difference in character or physique.

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