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What's The Right Temperature For A Dog At Home-Newborn Puppies Should Be Kept Warm

In the cold temperature will cause A lot of heat energy consumption in the dog, therefore, in the winter feed collocation, should add A little oil, viscera, milk and contain vitamin A and fat composition of food, this kind of feed can quickly add heat, enhance the dog's cold resistance.

What's the right temperature for a dog at home

In the case of puppies and pups (from birth to two months of age), it is the control of the "28-30 degree Celsius thermostat" that matters.

A puppy stays in the womb of a dog's mother in a warm, comfortable environment, but when it is born it is exposed to natural or man-made temperature.

Therefore, it is very important for puppies and puppies to maintain a constant temperature. The difference in temperature effect often makes dogs constantly adapt to it, which is likely to hinder the natural growth of dogs.

When a dog grows up, although it has gradually adapted to the natural climate, it is often caused by the negligence of the owner of indoor and outdoor temperature difference, resulting in diseases of the dog.

Generally speaking, during the peak heat wave in summer, the indoor temperature without air conditioning is often as high as 30-32 degrees Celsius, which is extremely painful for human beings and tolerable for dogs. Therefore, appropriate use of air conditioning to cool down so that both people and dogs can have a comfortable space is ok.

So, what is temperature comfort space?

To find a balance between human ecology and dog temperature adaptation, that is, keeping the temperature at ZT-28 degrees Celsius is ideal. (of course, the lower the temperature 25 degrees such as people are comfortable to be higher, but the opposite is true of dogs when indoor temperature and outdoor temperature contrast is too large will produce don't adapt to move), and need to be aware of when using artificial temperature control is to allow air circulation (can use a fan rotating blowing place indoors, let in indoor air form convection state), also need to pay attention to keep moisture in the air (often stay in air conditioning room will form the dry skin, so put a basin of water in air conditioning room corner in order to reduce water loss) in the air, the dog will have a comfortable living space.

Another is important to note that the dog to the outside, remember to turn off the air conditioning and indoor temperature "rebound", which can avoid because of excess temperature difference between inside and outside effect and let the dog cause does not adapt to sense (common is a dog to sneeze outdoor), and home don't have to hurry to open the air conditioning, first to let the dog indoor temperature step by step, then adapt to lower the temperature.

Most importantly, whether indoors or outdoors, make sure your dog needs water during the summer.

Newborn puppies should be kept warm

The puppy is in lactation period mostly constitution is very weak, so not only need owner double care, even the method is proper, wait for a job such as good heat preservation and lactation.

After the puppy is born, from the constant temperature environment in the mother came to the outside of the variable temperature environment, these spotless little chap body hair is scarce, temperature regulation function has not yet been fully formed, so it is necessary to do a good job in heat preservation.

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